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Lisa Last talks with Jacklynn Pivovar from Duncan Craig LLP.


Jacklynn is an Associate with Duncan Craig LLP. She practices primarily in the area of Litigation with an emphasis on Personal Injury and Estate Litigation.

Lisa and Jacklynn talk about the importance of having a will and how it will save you and your family both time and money.

[0:55] What’s it look like if you don’t have a power of attorney? 

  • A power of attorney deals with your finances and a personal directive deals with heath care decisions.
  • If you do not have these items done ahead of time you will have to apply to the court to have someone designated as your trustee. This can be a long and costly procedure.
  • If you have a mortgage you will not be able to make payments until you have a trustee appointed.
  • It’s an important decision you should talk with your family ahead of time.
  • Wills are not expensive they don’t take a lot of time and could save you and your family from unnecessary problems.



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