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How to pay off your consumer debts

What is a Monoline lender?

Buying a house is sooo stressful and it should be

Home insurance

You must have home insurance to fund your mortgage

Buying a house can be expensive. Make sure you have a few thousand extra dollars

Negotiate on your credit cards to save thousands

How do you save money?

Mortgage broker or miracle worker. You decide

Be organized for a nice smooth transaction

You can get a mortgage when you are self employed

Why is my house not selling?

How do you pay off your mortgage faster?

I can help even if your credit is damaged.

Why the 50's look?

What are closing costs?

Make sure your sump pump and home insurance is adequate

Thank you to my loyal clients for the best year ever

Variable rate mortgages are looking pretty great these days

It's ok to feel totally overwhelmed when buying a home

Happy mothers day

Mortgage rates are crazy these days

Service like it's 1965. Always!

What am I all about?

Get all your ducks in a row before you go house shopping

Don't move your down payment around all over the place

Do you want to access equity in your home to renovate?

I can come and teach you the ropes

Save thousands by calling me before you renew your mortgage

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate to save money

You can work with me via phone, fax, email, carrier pidegon what ever works for you.

Call me for independent no cost advice

Where can you get a down payment from?

Don't wait to list your house this sprig

Do you shop at Costco?

Get them started on chores early

Use your tax return to pay down your mortgage

He loves to dance

Timmy trumpet

Call me for no obligation advice anytime

Divorce is hard. Call me to help

Get a good financial planner to help you reach your goals

Adjust your spending to get the things you want

Do you need a referral to a carpenter, lawyer or accountant?

Cash back mortgages are still available

Are you worried about rising interest rates will do for your payment upon renewal?