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Lisa Last talks with Brad Hanson of Hanson Inspections in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.


Brad Hanson is the owner and operator of Hanson Inspections, located in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.

We previously talked with Brad on episode 6 of ILSPRE!

Brad discusses the common misconception that newly built properties do not need an inspection.

Building Inspector Looking At New Property

[0:53] What is the goal of a home inspection?

  • There are potential problems which exist from the original building of a property.
  • A home inspection ensures the security and stability of a home.
  • In the long term, repairs are typically more costly than an immediate, upfront fix.

[1:34] How does the homeowner benefit from an inspection on a new build home?

  • The homeowner is not charged more for the fix during the build.
  • A home inspection should be a condition of the purchase.
  • Ask for a home inspection as part of the contract.

[2:20] Any examples you can share? 

  • Whether damage occurred during a build or an aspect was missed during the construction, a home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process.

[4:00] What does the home inspection process look like?

  • All areas of the home are looked over.
  • Even the roof is checked, depending on the weather.
  • A checklist ensures nothing is missed.

[5:10] What about new build condos?

  • Realistically, a condo inspection is less critical than a home inspection.
  • Indoor areas are often similar and the inspection checklist is the same.
  • Hiring a professional allows confidence and high reputable quality.

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