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I’ve worked with Lisa Last on a personal and a professional level, and she has become far more than an advisor or colleague, but also a great friend.

Her ability to make a client’s life easier, less-stressed, and cause them to be far better informed and at ease is unparalleled. From a professional standpoint, she is an absolute pleasure to work with, and she makes every transaction far smoother and seamless from the get go than the vast majority of mortgage brokers.

The introduction email she provides with all of the pertinent documents and information is incredibly handy and she truly goes above and beyond in her accessibility and effort to make the real estate buying or refinancing experiencing a magical one.

She is an incredible mother, mortgage specialist, and human being, and I would highly recommend any contact her for anything regarding finance, fun, or more!

Andrew Cao

Barrister & Solicitor

At all times I have found Lisa Last to be very dependable, capable, organized, knowledgeable and very hard working. Lisa has been at the ready when my clients have called her to handle their mortgage needs. Her service is fast and friendly while building lasting relationships with her clients. I would definitely recommend Lisa Last for all your mortgage needs.

Cathy Currie


I have known and worked with Lisa Last from River City Financial, for almost two years. She is a trusted colleague and friend.

Recently, when I was planning a client appreciation event, Lisa and I were chatting about my focus for the day and she asked how I was going to entertain a bunch of screaming kids and I bluntly told her that I had no idea.

She quickly offered a solution to my dilemma. A bouncy castle she uses as a promotional tool in her business. I quickly accepted and booked it for my event the next day. When the day of my client event came, I had little to worry about. The castle was delivered and set up, it was also promptly picked up and taken away later that day, when were finished.

I can’t thank Lisa enough for her support. My appreciation event went off without a hitch and was a resounding success. I will, not only be promoting Lisa to colleagues and friends, but her fun little toy as well.

Kent Zadko

Financial Advisor

Lisa Last is indeed the last mortgage broker you will ever need! She is incredibly knowledgable in all areas and aspect of mortgages and then some! What truly makes Lisa the top at what she does, is that she truly cares. You know it from the moment you speak with her. She is sincere, she listens and happily hands over excellent advice and information to help you with your needs.

Lisa will answer the questions you ask as well as the one’s you may not realize you should ask. She is that good! Even if you’re not quite ready for a mortgage, Lisa will spend time with you helping you not only get your ducks in a line, but also figuring out which ducks you actually need! I have referred Lisa to people I care about who have struggled with some of their financial goals and mortgage aspirations and Lisa went above and beyond to help them. That’s what she does, she goes well above and beyond to make sure she gets the very best for her clients. Lisa will always be my first choice for mortgages. This gal rocks!

Jennifer Woch

Interior Designer

It was so great having you to help us navigate through the mortgage and home buying process all while saving us money! For our our first home buying experience you made the process so much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks for all the help, advice and making it possible for us to get our dream home. For the first time we’re actually excited to be packing; a different feeling when it’s your own!

Keeton & Kaila

Lisa Last is fantastic!! I know when referring my clients to her that they are in good hands. I never have to worry that they will not be looked after. I love the fact that lisa goes above and beyond and truly cares about her clients and their financial well being. Thats a trait that hard to come by these days!

Troy P.


Lisa Last is one of the fabulous mortgage brokers I’m lucky enough to have on my team. She’s always available and really cares about what she’s doing. She will go above and beyond for her clients, including home visits. She’s a terrific sponsor for people in need as well and is always giving back to communities in unique ways. I’m proud to refer her to my clients.

Wendi F.