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Lisa Last talks with Justin LaFavor of Empower Real Estate Group in Edmonton, AB on the importance of relating to clients and building positive relationships.


Justin LaFavor is a real estate agent with Empower Real Estate Group in Edmonton, AB. His first experiences in the real estate business began as a hobby, with a passion for people and homes. Encouraged by his wife to pursue a career in the field, Justin is now a real estate agent with Realty Executives Challenge in Sherwood Park. Justin is passionate about building strong relationships with his clients. His love for people and his relatable, personable approach to the business creates a positive and stress-free environment for the home-buying process.

Justin shares how establishing positive relationships with clients is the key to success in the real estate business.


Key Points

  • [2:11] Tell us about the origin of Empower Real Estate Group.
  • [3:31] Providing clarity and education establishes strong client relationships.
  • [4:30] How does visual presentation relate to success in business?
  • [7:50] Can you share a story about how you work alongside clients?
  • [9:40] What has inspired you to stay in the real estate industry?
  • [11:25] What’s your favourite kind of real estate to sell?
  • [13:07] How is Empower Real Estate Group unique?
  • [15:51] If you were the leader of the country for a day, what changes would you implement to the real estate industry?
  • [20:15] What advice would you give to your past self?
  • [22:30] What should people look for in a real estate agent?
  • [25:00] Being able to relate with your clients is a crucial part of finding success in the business.



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