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Does getting a mortgage seem about as clear as mud to you? I’ll make take you through the 5 easy steps you need to get a mortgage, from finding the right mortgage for you to sealing the deal.


  1. Connection


With access to over 50 lenders, I can give you an overview of mortgage options available to you based on your needs. Once we decide on the best one, we’ll complete the application together.


  1. Collection


The next step is to gather all your information to go with the application:


  • credit report
  • agreement of purchase and sale of the house (or estimated mortgage amount if you are refinancing)
  • proof of income/employment
  • down payment amount
  • identification and solicitor information to the lender (be prepared to gather and send this documentation)


  1. Submission


Once all your documents are together, I submit your application to the lender(s). Since I have connections with major banks, credit unions, trusts and other lenders, I can put significant negotiating power to work for you.


  1. Approval


Approved? Excellent! Now is the time to carefully go over the details (e.g. payment details, mortgage terms and privileges, pre-funding conditions) and then sign away on the dotted line.


  1. Closing


Once your signature has graced the paperwork, you have to submit it and schedule a time to meet with your lawyer.


At the appointment with your lawyer, he’ll ask for identification and signatures and together you’ll review your final closing costs. On closing day, your mortgage funds are transferred to your lawyer.


Thank you for choosing me as your mortgage broker!


Once your mortgage is closed, I continue to provide helpful information to guide you through market conditions. I can also help you with finding mortgage options, financing renovations, purchasing investment properties, or financing a debt consolidation in the future.