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Lisa Last talks with Brad Hanson of Hanson Inspections in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.


Brad Hanson is the owner and operator of Hanson Inspections, located in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.

With over 20 years of renovation experience, Brad began his own business in 2014 after leaving the mining industry. His passion for people and his business have ensured the highest quality service and increased success over the years.

Brad shares about how thermal imaging has changed the home inspection process and how Hanson Inspections is unique from competitors.

Heat Loss Detection of the House With Infrared Thermal Camera

[1:04] What sets Hanson Inspections apart from the competition? 

  • Our tools are of the highest quality and in top condition.
  • We use thermal imaging during the inspection process.
  • I am certified by the Infrared Training Center for the use of thermography in building inspections.

[1:41] What role does thermal imaging have in a home inspection? 

  • Thermal imaging reads the energy emitted by temperature or related to temperature.
  • The image produced is used to detect issues in a home, such as a water leak or any missing insolation.
  • This provides more in-depth information on the status of a home, allowing increased clarification when working through renovations or further inspection.

[3:38] How long does a home inspection typically take?

  • On average, a home inspection lasts around 3.5 hours.
  • The size and age of a home will affect the length of the inspection process.
  • I go over the inspection with the buyer, showing them the details of the home.

[4:57] How does a client receive their inspection information?

  • A report is given in a digital format to the client’s given e-mail.
  • This report can be sent to realtors, friends, lawyers, or whomever else may need a copy.

A building inspector checking out the foundation of a new building.

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