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Lisa Last talks with Darren Quilley of MERIX and Lendwise (MERIX Financial), located in Edmonton, AB.


Darren Quilley is the Director of Business Development with MERIX Financial based in Edmonton, AB.

We previously talked with Darren on episode 4 of ILSPRE!

MERIX Financial is the combination of MERIX, Lendwise, and NPX. Originally founded in 2005, MERIX Financial has since provided residential mortgages to over 200,000 Canadians all across the country. Totalling over $29 billion in funded mortgages, MERIX strives to help Canadians reach their homeownership dreams. Specializing in customer service, alongside their innovative technology and resources, MERIX stands as a leader in the mortgage industry.

Darren shares what sets MERIX and Lendwise apart from the competition and why clients can feel secure when working with them.

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[0:24] Why should clients choose MERIX and Lendwise

  • MERIX Financial and Lendwise caters to people with good jobs and good credit looking to buy higher-end properties.
  • Products are available for a wide range of clients, including those new to Canada and small business owners.
  • We offer highly competitive interest rates, superior to offers from a typical bank.
  • MERIX and Lendwise is a mono-line lender. (We only do mortgages and we work exclusively through brokers.)

[1:33] What happens to a person’s mortgage if MERIX and Lendwise left the market?

  • We are financially stable and have no risk of going under.
  • With over $20 billion origination, there is next-to-no risk of losing your home.

[2:18] What are the other benefits to working with you?

  • We offer pre-payment privileges.
  • Penalties are significantly lower than through a bank.
  • Our customer service is tailored to the client’s specific needs.

[3:13] Do you offer mortgages across Canada?

  • Yes; we’ve recently launched in Quebec and are now Canada-wide.
  • There is also an online portal for clients to access their specific information.

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