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Lisa Last talks with Dan Swanston of Combined Insurance in Edmonton, AB.


Dan Swanston is a Sales Agent with Combined Insurance, based in Edmonton, AB. Specializing in supplemental insurance, Dan has been with Combined since 2015. With a formal education in psychology and a background of working for the benefit of others, Dan strives to bring value to his clients through the products he represents. Developing relationships and working with others face-to-face is one of his many passions within the industry.

Dan discusses how supplemental insurance can qualify the typically uninsurable, as well as what sets Combined apart from other insurance providers.


[0:33] What is Supplemental Insurance?

  • This differs from your normal kind of insurance.
  • Supplemental insurance is a niche product which can qualify and insure those typically uninsurable.
  • Specific activities or illnesses qualify under supplemental insurance.
  • Combined Insurance tailors specific and unique means of qualifying people for insurance based on their needs.

[2:07] Any Specific Examples?

  • A woman in our office was considered at fault for an accident, but regardless was paid out for a broken finger.
  • Months later, she needed surgery and was paid out once again.

[3:30] What Sets Combined Apart?

  • First established almost a century ago, Combined is highly credible and considered the top insurance companies by the BBB.
  • Our customer service and client appreciation is our drawing appeal.
  • We do not spend on marketing or advertising.

[4:43] Combined Insures Stay-at-Home Moms?

  • Most insurance companies base rates on income.
  • Combined insures for loss of time.
  • Children as young as 6 months can be insured.
  • Stay-at-home parents can qualify as long as they can afford the premium.

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